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What's NYPUM?

National Youth Project Using Minibikes began as an innovative way of engaging the interest of boys and girls ages 10-17 who did not respond to traditional programs and services. Using the Trail bike, NYPUM captures a young person's imagination, enthusiasm, and harnesses it to promote positive change and growth.

The lure of the outdoors and the excitement of riding Trail bikes provide incentives for youth to improve their outlook. Key to NYPUM's design is the NYPUM Agreement, in addition to a youth mentoring component that provides guidance and support.

NYPUM programs exist in urban, suburban, and rural communities from Los Angeles to Boston and are hosted and operated by nonprofit or public agencies that provide youth continuous services.

Proven Safe and Beneficial for Youth

NYPUM programs are hosted and operated by agencies that provide sustainable youth services; community-based, residential, schools, public safety and government.

NYPUM also provides many opportunities for community collaborations and partnerships.

  • All NYPUM activities are fully insured.
  • Employees and volunteers at participating programs are trained Certified NYPUM Instructors.
  • Trail bikes are replaced by NYPUM every four years.
  • NYPUM on-site quality assurance support visits are conducted annually.
  • 78% of participants were involved in community service projects.
  • 89.5% of all NYPUM youth were reported to have met most, or all, agreement objectives.
  • 70% of program directors reported noticeable change, or better, in the area of improved study skills
  • 73% reported noticeable change, or better, in improved family relations.
  • 82% reported noticeable change, or better, in improved teacher relations.

NYPUM youth noticeably decreased their involvement in the following areas:

  • Incidents with the law (62%)
  • Incidents with drugs (64%)
  • Incidents with alcohol (66%)

Youth Contract

NYPUM youth, their parents or guardians and adult NYPUM leaders work together to develop a plan that helps support each rider's needs and goals. Participants earn riding time by achieving these goals. Examples include:

  • Completing homework assignments
  • Participating in community projects
  • Improving behavior at home
  • Meeting curfews

Youth can also participate in environmental projects, community outreach, and other activities that will provide them with opportunities to develop skills and build character.

Youth learn teamwork, fair play, trust, a respect for property, discipline, and other skills through Trail riding, and organized NYPUM events.


NYPUM began through the generosity of the American Honda Motor Co., Inc. Recognizing the need for a program that was unique and untraditional, the company donated an initial gift of 10,000 Trail bikes to the YMCA in 1969. NYPUM was an immediate success and Honda has continued to support the program with annual donations of Trail bikes, funding to support the natonal offices, and subsidies for program expences such as training, quality improvement, and special events.

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