Al Gaines

Al Gaines  -  Juvenile Justice Director

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Al's story in his own words:

I came through a rough childhood having a very abusive father. As a teen I began down a path leading to 15 years of drug abuse and hatred for all forms of authority. I was in a survival mode taking care of myself and I had no respect for any adult. I met my wife at this time and she had been heavily abused as well.

In 1972 we moved up to Eugene, OR and Oregon wasn't ready for us but we stayed. My wife, Kristina got pregnant and I realized that I was 28 years old and needed a job. I got a job as an apprentice welder/fabricator and the journeyman who taught me seemed to be happy all the time. I thought he was on some good drugs and I let him know that I wanted some of what he had. He said, "I'm not on drugs or alcohol, I'm on the Lord Jesus Christ and He has turned my life around." He and his wife led Kristina and I to the Lord and our lives were changed forever and He has blessed us.

Within a few months we had stopped all drug use as we were higher on God then we ever were on drugs, and it was legal! After finding a local church, going to bible school and evengelism school, I worked as the church sound man and was asked if we could bring our band into the old Skipworth Detention Center to play for the kids. That night God spoke to me out of John 4:35, "Lift up your eyes, and look on the fields, for they are white already for harvest." I signed up to be a volunteer with YFC in 1988 and began sharing Christ with the youth in detention. Since then our staff have led thousands of youth to the Lord.


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