See the recording of our live webinar

What is this?

YFC is working with professionals in our community to provide training for parents on how to best support their teenagers through the COVID-19 Pandemic. 

On Thursday, May 21st at 6:30PM, Corey Jackson, LPC from CAFA and Amanda Ormsbee, Teacher at Hamlin Middle School joined us to discuss how to support teens and parents during this time.  

Who is this for?

This webinar is for ANY parent of a teenager or pre-teen! We believe all parents will benefits from the tools provided during these trainings. All are welcome to join!

​Why are you hosting this?

With social distancing and distance learning, our kids have very limited in-person interactions with their friends and other support systems.  This is a massive shock to everyone.  Our goal is to better equip parents and guardians during this very unique time