Fall Campus Life Middle School Getaway


Get ready for a super fun weekend has we head East to the Running Y Resort near Klamath Falls, OR. 

Three days and two nights of Campus Life fun, overnight in luxury condos, and a great indoor pool and spa all on site!

You don't want to miss it so get your $25 deposit in today.

FOR MORE INFO, CONTACT US @ 541.686.9225 

Get your $25 DEPOSIT in today to reserve your spot! Middle schoolers only!

Students will need to pack warm and cold weather clothes for the weekend, toiletries, sleeping bag, modest swim suit, pillow & optional spending $$.

We ask for students to bring modest swimsuits and attire.  We ask students not to wear string bikinis or other revealing swimwear.  We are happy to provide a Campus Life t-shirt to those students that don’t have any other swimsuit options.  Talk to your Campus Life Director if you have any questions or concerns.  

Campus Life is a program of Lane County Youth For Christ and is not affiliated with any School.

Pickup Schedule Friday Oct 27th:

4:30 Meet @ Fairfield Baptist Church

5:00 Meet @ Hamlin MS

4:30 Meet @ Cottage Grove McDonalds

5:00 Meet @ New Hope Baptist Creswell

We will have students home on Sunday between 5:30 and 6PM except Sweet Home will be home by 6:45 PM.