Campus Life Middle School Fall Getaway at Gleneden Beach



You don't want to miss it so get your $25 deposit in today.

FOR MORE INFO, CONTACT US @ 541.686.9225 

Get your $25 DEPOSIT in today to reserve your spot! Middle schoolers only!

Students will need to pack warm and cold weather clothes for the weekend, toiletries, sleeping bag, modest swim suit, pillow & optional spending $$.

We ask for students to bring modest swimsuits and attire.  We ask students not to wear string bikinis or other revealing swimwear.  We are happy to provide a Campus Life t-shirt to those students that don’t have any other swimsuit options.  Talk to your Campus Life Director if you have any questions or concerns.  

Campus Life is a program of Lane County Youth For Christ and is not affiliated with any School.

Pickup Schedule will be posted by Nov 1.

We will have students home on Monday by 4PM.